What Will listenopoly Look Like?



So now you know what listenopoly is, and how listenopoly works.   But if I were you, I'd want to know how my podcast is going to look.   So here's a quick preview of what's coming in the listenopoly launch.  Ready to join us?  Go to the Submit Your Podcast page to get started.  

Still on the fence?  What's holding you back?  Tweet me at @listenopoly and let me know. 


The homepage just gets folks acclimated and ready to Explore, Listen and Share.  We will also have featured podcasts and a list of newly added shows. 


The Podcasts list will allow listeners to search for podcasts by various categories.  The categories are the same as the ones defined in iTunes. Selecting the podcast image will take you to the podcast detail page.


The podcast detail page will show the podcast title, image, description and author.  It will have a link to the RSS feed and to the website listed in the podcast feed.  The page will also show the last 8 podcasts.  Listeners can click on the expand button to read the details. The episode links go back to the your original content provider.

Like what you see?  Tweet about it, share us on Facebook! Check in with your favorite podcasts and let them know you would like to see them on listenopoly.


If you are a podcaster and are interested in submitting your podcast to listenopoly please go to the Submit Your Podcast page to get started.

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