What is listenopoly?



listenopoly is a labor of love borne out of frustration.


Currently there are two ways to find podcasts created by people of color:  word of mouth and periodic “top ten/you should be listening/oh, wow, did you know people of color are podcasting” lists on various internet sites.  Those lists are needed because they are overdue media attention for our contributions to the podverse, but they often highlight the same shows.


Where’s the media plug for other POC-created podcasts with good content? How can I find people that look like me, talking about things that I’m interested in?
listenopoly is a podcatcher targeted at podcasts created by people of color.  It is curated to only show active podcasts  in order to help people find fresh content.


listenopoly is more than a list.  My vision is to make listenopoly a community where listeners and podcasters connect and help to expand the reach of our collective voices.


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Founder/CEO of listenopoly.com | Co-host of the Add Water and Stir podcast | blogger at mimirobinsononline.com

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