September Site Changes

What’s up listenopoly family!

I’ve been a little quiet over here but a sister has been busy.  Whew!  Now that things have calmed down on the home front, I’ve been working out a few kinks with the site.  People are finding listenopoly so YAY! but the bounce rate  from the homepage is way too high.  This means that people are not able to easily navigate to the podcasts.  I’ve made a couple of changes to the site to make it easier for people to explore, listen and share YOUR podcasts.   Drumroll please!

Site Changes

New and Improved Home Page
  • The home page of the website has a new header.  Since the site name isn’t focused exactly on diversity, I attempted to make it more clear that listenopoly is “your source for diverse voices in podcasting.”
  •  The home page has been optimized to show your podcast graphics by category.  Linking on a podcast graphic takes a visitor directly to your listenopoly page. Now new visitors can begin finding their new favorite podcasts immediately.
  • Recently submitted podcasts will be shown under “New to listenopoly” for three weeks.  No chasing downloads, no special algorithm, nothing needed but your submission.  Take that, take that iTunes.
Click to Listen

Visitors can immediately begin listening to your podcast episode by clicking on the  Listen-Button-300x300  right next to the podcast title.  This typically opens a new tab or window where the podcast begins playing.  Since it’s hitting your source server, it will count directly to your podcast downloads.  Note: If you host your podcast with Soundcloud, Podomatic, Spreaker or on your own server, it may download instead of playing.

Fall Back

Just a heads up: When daylight savings ends in November, I’ll be doing cleanup of podcasts that may have suffered pod-fade.  If you don’t have any new episodes since the end of May, your podcast will be delisted.  The archives are absolutely valuable, but I want to make it easier to find podcasts that active and growing.

What else?

If you have some feedback for me or some improvements for the site, please let me know by email or on Twitter at @listenopoly


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