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Episode 14: Trapped in a Sexless Closet

All hail the return of Cookie and Boo Boo Kitty, the British Prime Minister conjures of up thoughts pig squealing, and Chanelle and James discuss the merits of a sexless relationship.

The PM gets his pork roasted!?!
Episode 13: Trump is a Rump

James and Chanelle discuss what to do if your mom supports Donald Trump, why everyone needs to leave Karreuche alone and which wedding themes should never happen.. Chanelle imagines Drake is giving Serena Williams sweet, sweet Canadian love after her loss in the U.S. open.

Episode 12: Miley Put Your Titty Away

We break down MTV’s Video Music Awards…Kim K’s maternity fashion scares James, Kanye West is more idiot than savant and Chanelle wants Miley Cyrus to leave black culture alone.

Yezzy’s speech
Kim’s Dress
Kim’ [...]
Episode 11: Nut Punches

This week James describes how to outcrazy a bully, Sesame Street moves to HBO, and Rihanna perfects her #clapback. And Chanelle grooves to Lionel Richie.

Episode 10: Top 10 Idiots

This week Chanelle and James discuss the first anniversary of the Black Lives Matter Movement, the GOP put its top 10 idiots on parade and racist cabbies get their comeuppance.

Sam Dubose

Episode 9: #NotAllWhitePeople

This has been a horrible, no-good, very bad week. Our hearts, minds, and prayers are with Sandra Bland and Bobbi Kristina.

Nikki Minaj and Taylor Swift Dust up
Meek Mill Vs Drake Vs Tesco ??

Drake Weak ass come back to Meek Mill
YWA Episode 8: Creeps United

James waxes poetic about the female form. Rachel Dolezal remains a blithering idiot. This generation’s creeps have a new app with which to be creepy.

Episode 7: Tales of Folly & Woe

What’s happening with MTV? Will Instagram ever free the nipples? Why won’t James let Drake be great? And when will Karreuche learn? All that plus Chanelle gets the vapors over Magic Mike.

MTV New Look and feel

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