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Teddy D

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If you want to have fun, listen to good music, and learn something, this is the place! Join Teddy D as he interviews musicians, actors, podcasters, and people from all walks of life!

Baylor's Thoughts Vol 2

Baylor The Great stops by to discuss Muhammad Ali, NBA, & Gorilla violence


Search for Baylor The Great on Twitter & IG


Music Review Part 2

Sean Smith from the "Bout Time Podcast" & Tytus stop by to breakdown some classic lyrics. We cover Dru Hill, Babyface, Boyz 2 Men, Cannabis, and my namesake Teddy Riley.



Don't forget to check out the Bout Time Podcast!




Prince, NBA, & UCLA Slander

My West Coast Family Stops By!

BTG also hates

We get a chance to go in depth about the NBA's regular season as well as the playoffs.

Check out Spiritt on The Gee Spot Network

Check out BTG's spin off show Baylor's Thoughts



Teddy D


Today's guests are from a great new show called The 3, 2, 1 Podcast which you can find on soundcloud and the link below

3 2 1 Podcast

Special thanks to DJ Znyce, Cold in the Clutch, and Red for joining the Why Not Fam!

Check out Red's podcast "The Banshee's Block" in the link below

Banshee's Block Podcast

Show E-Mail:


Baylor's Thoughts Vol. 1

We're proud to announce that BTG is coming to the Why Not family!

Check him out in Vol 1! He breaks down the messy situation with the Lakers.


#SYO #BTG #LongTimeComing

Married 2 Shade

We've got a fun episode for you today. Join me in welcoming Fiq Blerdman and AJ into the Why Not Family!

Fiq and AJ describe themselves as an Atlanta couple with advanced degrees and remedial money. While some of you may know Fiq from BAP, trust me when I say this isn't the same person! AJ not only brings the best out of him, she's just as funny!

Check their show out on Soundcloud in the link below


Teddy D

NBA, Schools, & Small Businesses

This is a snapshot into the minds of 3 young husbands and fathers that live in the great city of Louisville, and the not so great state of Kentucky. 

We welcome Baron into the Why Not Family, and he's joined by the show veteran Joe.

We had a great time trying to figure out what's wrong with some parents, why the NBA has been so great this year, and what some businesses are missing.



Teddy D

My Podcast Big Brothers

JJ Valentine from the ValentineCast and Aaron B from The Black Astronauts Podcast stop by to drop some podcast knowledge. 

This is an interview I did with the 2 guys that helped me A LOT when I started podcasting. Listen in, and you'll understand why I felt confident enough to step into this new world.




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