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Entertaining, informative, inspiring and educational conversations with Swirlers - men and women involved in interracial and intercultural relationships. The Swirl World hosts Michelle Matthews Calloway and Adrienne London Leach feature diverse guests discussing topics of interest about dating, marriage, parenting, entrepreneurship and everything in between. The Swirl World: Interracial. Diverse. Beautiful!™

How I Became A Jet Beauty Of The Week

The Swirl World Co-Host Adrienne London Leach and guest Co-Host Dawn Sanchez chat it up with Keena Simmons. Keena established the goal of becoming an Ebony/Jet Beauty of the Week - and she accomplished it! She loves to take risks, and her mantra is, "GO FOR IT!"

Success Talk With Rachel Robinson

Co-Hosts Adrienne London Leach and Michelle Matthews-Calloway engage in some good old “girl talk” with new contributor Rachel Robinson. Rachel talks about divorce, life in Turkey and Greece, and her determination to succeed. She also provides her insights on the best way to travel – and the best way to swirl.

It's Time For Black Women To THINK DIFFERENTLY!

In this “Unscripted” podcast episode, Co-Host Adrienne London Leach addresses the question: "To smile, or not to smile?" In addition to sharing 3 important tips, Adrienne also shares an incident she and her best friend Regina experienced when Regina decided to employ the 3 tips.

This Slovenian Photographer Loves Interracial Couples!

The Swirl World Podcast Co-Host Adrienne London Leach chats with Matjaz Tancic, an international photographer specializing in taking photographs of interracial couples. Matjaz, also known as "Matt," hails from Slovenia. 

Celebrating Loving Day 2016!

Williesha Morris shares a slide show for her crowd funding campaign commemorating Loving Day 2016 in Birmingham, AL. This is the first time we've incorporated a video with the podcast. We also added a special new page to the blog - and will update it each year to commemorate Loving Day.

Now I KNOW I’m Beautiful!

The Swirl World Podcast Co-host Adrienne London Leach chats with return guest, military wife and author Dawn N. Sanchez concerning Dawn’s new book, Now I KNOW I’m Beautiful.

Chopping It Up With Podcaster Rikki Jones!

Podcast and blogger Rikki R. Jones is the creator and host of 2 popular shows on Blog Talk Radio – Hand and Footprints: What’s Your Legacy? and “The 15-Minute Conundrum.” She joins Adrienne and Michelle to talk podcasting and the gift of conversation.

Get Into Some Love Culture!

Fresh from a guest appearance on the Steve Harvey Show, Daniel and Patrice Love of “Love Culture” chat with Adrienne and Michelle about life, love, interracial marriage – and hot sauce!


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