The Misadventures of The Two Dudes

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The Two Dudes: Al & Jay

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Our podcast follows The Two Dudes aka Al & Jay as they navigate through life's struggles, tackling marriage, fatherhood, and life in general. Of course they handle it with lighthearted comedic wit.

S2Ep1 - A New Beginning It's a new year and a new season. Join Jay and Al in their first episode of season 2 where the continue to discuss family life, what they learned in 2015, raising boys vs girls, and more.
S1Ep19 - Does Amazon Sell Sleep? In this episode Jay and Al talk about the joys of being a new dad..mainly the tiredome. Does Amazon sell sleep? They sell everything else. They also cover plans for the new year and any resolutions.
S1Ep18 - The Baby Episode (hosted by @thetwodudespod aka @blakkghost & @iamjabrah) The Baby Episode. Jay welcomes a new bundle of joy to the world, aka another boss in the house. Al brings his experiences as they talk all things newborn baby. Enjoy
S1Ep17 - Shutup and Listen (hosted by @iamjabrah and @blakkghost) In this episode Jay and Al discuss taking toddlers to a restaurant, caring for a 6 year old, and when you wife tells you a problem it's your job just to shutup, no remedies, no suggestions just shut the f**k up and listen, and earning that the hard way.
S1Ep16 - Pour Out A Lil Gravy... (hosted by @TwoDudesPod aka @iamjabrah & @blakkghost) On this one we talk Thanksgiving sh*t..all about that turkey, gravy, corn bread, green beans, and all that good fat sh*t..., We talk about our family's actually getting along without us being involved, and also Al competing with Pattie's Pies... Two Dudes endorses Al's Pecan Pies!! Happy Thanksgiving... Pour out a lil gravy!
S1Ep15 - Fomlee (hosted by @TwoDudesPod aka @blakkghost & @iamjabrah) We are back with another one...We are talking about FOMLEE (family), progression aka doing it better than it was done for us. Can we get better? Can you do better? Listen up and see... Dont forget to use #asktwodudes to ask us a question that we will answer on the upcoming show.
S1Ep14 - Countdown to D-Day (hosted by the @TwoDudesPod aka @Blakkghost and @IamJabrah) On ep14 we talk about the countdown to D-Day aka delivery day, religion, kids and more kids.... Enjoy! Use the hashtag, #asktwodudes, to ask us questions that we will answer in upcoming episodes!
S1Ep13 - An Episode About Nothing Join us as we talk about absolutely nothing and EVERYTHING at the same d*mn time! Dont forget to use the #askTwoDudes to ask us any questions that we will answer on each episode

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