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Calvin Joshua

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Still Single & is the new social happiness podcast created and hosted by Calvin Joshua for adults who are still single and living with purpose. Combining personal anecdotes, inspiring interviews, and comical thoughts about the single adult life, Calvin Joshua takes listeners on a reflective and celebratory journey of embracing happiness and confidence whilst still single.

& Back in Formation

"I was gone for a minute, now I'm back with the jump off..." - Lil Kim

After a temporary hiatus, the show is back in formation, and this time with some freshiddy-fresh-freshness. I talk about where I've been and the journey I'm resuming after getting reset, refreshed, and refocused. Get ready for the realness on what's been happening and what's to come for the STILL SINGLE & podcast.

(And thank you for waiting while I got it together.)


& Overcoming Pt. 3 - Overcoming Loss & Grief feat. Korey Stan

In part three of the Still Single & Overcoming series, guest Korey Stan shares the details of his relationship with his late partner, Dennis, who passed away just weeks before the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage in June 2015. This touching episode features music by Boyz II Men, The xx, Flyleaf, and more.

& Overcoming Pt. 2 - Overcoming Insecurity feat. Maggie Keavney

In part two of the Still Single & Overcoming series, Maggie Keavney talks about the "dating burnout" she encountered in 2015, which unearthed a well of insecurities that she soon learned to overcome by accepting her own personal greatness and challenging herself to live confidently in the present.

& Overcoming Pt. 1 - Overcoming a Breakup feat. Alex Berzak

Happy New Year! Kicking off the 2016 winter season with a "New Year, New You!" series on OVERCOMING difficulties, heartbreaks, and unfortunate losses. This week, poet Alex Berzak talks about how she overcame a painful breakup last year and set out on her own adventure of self-discovery.

& Surviving the Holidays!

DISCLAIMER: Calvin Joshua had NOTHING to do with this madness.

Still Single & will return for the new 2016 season on Sunday, January 10. Subscribe today and follow the show on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for exclusive content, updates, and pics!

Featuring holiday music by DJ Buck Rodgers, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg, Run DMC, Salt n Pepa, Kaskade, and more!

& Best Friend is BAE

In this final STILL SINGLE & (____) is BAE episode, Calvin Joshua reveals who Best Friend is, and talks about the amazingness of best friendship and singlehood.

With special guests Mia Wade and Chris & Stefanie Parker.

& Books are BAE

Special guest and bona fide bookworm Julianne Nelson talks at great length about her longstanding romance with reading, her unbridled love of history books, and the bane of pretentious d-bag readers. She also shares her list of fascinating book titles for still single adults and how to start (and maintain) a successful book club.

Still Single & Sipping: Yellowtail Sweet Red Roo Wine; Earl Grey tea.

Still Single & WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Read the biography of an iconic figure whom you admire.

& Sleep is BAE

Sluggish? Loopy? Cranky? Blue? Something could very well be super wrong with you... such as your sleep pattern. In this special "Treat Yo Self!" episode, Calvin Joshua discusses the sheer importance of the one "bae" that doesn't get as much attention as it deserves: SLEEP! Learn about getting your circadian clock back on track in our busy society, and creating "still waters" within your soul to help you rest, recover, and recharge so you can keep living out your most purposeful and productive life.


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