On the Floor with Le Noir Auteur and Spagettit

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Le Noir Auteur

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Two friends and up-and-coming filmmakers, both alike in their love for entertainment and foolery, have come together to deliver engaging discussions about the entertainment industry, mixed with shade, personal attacks, and witty banter. It's the podcast for the young person interested in entertainment.

Full Interview with Pedro Pascal

Quick: Name the Emmy worthy actor that can give a thoughtful interview with anecdotes about meeting J.K. Rowling after being strapped to a rotating gondola all day on set. If you said Pedro Pascal, then you’d be correct. The actor, currently working on the Kingsman sequel, had a pretty tough day on set when we finally got to chat, but proved to be as elloquent and thoughtful as you’d think. Entering into mass public consciousness with his breakout role as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones, the actor has upped his game as DEA Agent Javier Pena on the Netflix show Narcos.  Pedro and I spoke why he chose the role, the lengths he and the crew went to get the story right, and how Netflix is the perfect place for the show.

When Your Weekend Goes to Hell, But You're Still Ready to Drag

New Podcast! Kristen and I chat about the awful events in Orlando and how it put a damper on Terence's fun night at Pride, Noah Galvin's foot in mouth interview, the Hamiltonys, Hillary Clinton's big presumed win and Kristen rants about Me Before You. Enjoy!

Podcast: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, and Adaptation Woes

It has been a minute since I graced the world with my voice and since my regular podcast cohost has been resting since we graduated, I decided to bring in Film School Rejects writer (and former coworker at Awards Circuit) Kristen Lopez to chat about the struggles with adapting things. We started off talking about the dreadful adaptation of an adaptation that was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and move into how things generally get screwed up when films are made from other mediums. We then spend a nice amount of time chatting about the recent Captain America news and a hashtag for more inclusion. Enjoy!

Interview with Finn Wittrock
Adam Silvera Interview

If you follow any of my social media in the past year, you know that I stan for Adam Silvera, after his book More Happy Than Not devastated and wowed me last year to the tune of being my #1 book of the year. I have mentioned several times how excited I would be to meet him and luckily our schedules aligned enough that we were able to speak at Y'all West. Adam and I talked about everything from telling modern gay stories to how he really is a Slytherin masquerading as a Hufflepuff. 

Interview with 'Game of Thrones' Linguist David J. Peterson

Many of you who are checking this out might not know who David J. Peterson is by name, but you certainly know of his work. In his career he has created languages for HBO’s Game of Thrones, Syfy’s Defiance, Syfy’s Dominion, the CW’s Star-Crossed, the CW’s The 100, Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles, NBC’s Emerald City, and Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World. I got to sit down with the author to chat about his work and career.

On the Floor #36: Lemonade with a Dash of Pettiness

I mean, you didn't honestly think that we'd be talking about anything other than Lemonade on this podcast? We basically shower Beyonce's best (?) album with tons of love and rave about the visuals. We also take time to talk about our lives and throw in a wonderful dash of pettiness about raggedy people in our lives. Enjoy!

On the Floor # 35: Sleepy Hollow, Big Life Choices, and How to Make Us Cry

This week's On the Floor is one of the most interesting podcasts that we've done and we pack a lot into the 47 minute episode. Among the topics up for discussion are how boneheaded these supernatural shows are with stories and actors of color, why Nicole Beharie and Arden Cho were right to leave Sleepy Hollow and Teen Wolf, what is a good way to get both of us to cry, and we even give you a bit of insight into our lives as students on the precipice of graduation. Enjoy!


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