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Sports from the mind of Jamie Mack (The No Nonsense Show). Weekly digest dealing with todays top sports performers and biggest blunders.

McGrady Lazy-Eyed Curry's Accomplishment #NNS51

Guest host Baylor The Great @BaylorTheGreat

Spurs acting their age and facing elimination. Meanwhile Oklahoma City is looking like the stronger matchup for the next round against the Warriors.

Portland is eliminated but not before participating in the best series of the playoffs this year. Even though the series ended 4-1, they provided excellent competition and made the games exciting.

Cavaliers at home waiting for the next round again. Atlanta proved once again that they are a waste of space in the playoffs.

The Miami and Toronto series is still up in the air.

#Light skin teammates matter...just check the stats for Steph and Klay.

I shot 1/17 but was the hero by the end of the game...the lesson I learned from a bad shooting night was....#Nothing


Tunsil Smokes Weed Everyday #NNS50

Guest host Baylor The Great @BaylorTheGreat

Laremy Tunsil was dimed out during the draft. I guess there's a little D'Angelo Russell in everybody!

Luke Walton comes back home and named the Lakers New Head Coach.

Ray Lewis has been trying to prevent black on black crime but can't prevent his son from sexual assaulting drunk girls at parties.

The NBA playoffs is moving up to the 2nd round and there's been a shift in the west due to injuries. Shout out to Austin Rivers for showing his passion for the game and his eye looks like it had a domestic dispute with Tyson's fist...


Playoffs And Pedophilia #NNS49

Guest host Baylor The Great @BaylorTheGreat

In this show we discuss the first round of the NBA playoffs and predictions.

Josh Norman and the Panthers part ways. But he landed on a rival team.  

A 30 year old enrolls into high school and nobody questions his age???

The Wizards hire Scott Brooks as head coach. Is this Kevin Durant bait?

Special shout out to the Eastvale Slaughterhouse 10u boys winning the Inland Empire Ducks 7 on 7 tourney.

RIP to Mr. Purple Rain...



Bonus: Fade to Black Mamba

Two Shows in one day???

You bet!

I had to come on and pay tribute a true Laker Legend! Kobe Bean Bryant called it a career last night, but not before giving us one lasting performance to remember him by. Like a lover trying to set the bar knowing this was their last opportunity. 
I try to reconcile my thoughts from watching Kobe as a selfish rookie shooting air balls; the guy next door that all Dads wanted their daughters to meet; the MONSTER of Colorado; being SHAQ's nemesis; becoming the Black Mamba, becoming an old broke down has-been , to last night...
I knew this day was coming but now that its here, I can truly say that I was witness to one of the greatest to ever play the game. I am privileged by the fact that he played for the team I rooted for all my life. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to respect him. Last night just proved that. 
Thanks for the Memories Kobe


60 Reasons To Still Hate Him #NNS48

Guest host Baylor The Great @BaylorTheGreat walks us through one of the greatest single nights for California basketball. 

Kobe drops 60 in his  farewell game

GSW breaks the season wins record

He also gets in Playoff match ups

Finally he discusses the untimely death of Saints lineman, Will Smith.



Is Cam That Spoiled Brat We Thought He Was #NNS47 newton.jpg

Cam went 'Cam' in the biggest game of his career. The question is, "Is the same old Cam" or not?
Derek Fisher got fired for double the win total from last year. What the real reason? I know and discuss.
Ryan Anderson goes HOF big game hunting and takes out Manu and Kobe in the same week. 
Rodney Harrison and Bill Romanoski talk about how they would deal with Cam. You might be the only one surprised at what they said.
NBA All-Star weekend is coming and I discuss what I'm not looking forward to.



Lebron Says Everything But the Right Thing #NNS46

Cam is declaring that the world has never seen a black quarterback like him. is he wrong? 

LeBron is out here lying again. I have to put LeBron on my therapist couch and offer some sound advice as to how not to look like an ass clown in public.

Who can stop the Warriors from taking over the league? Or is it already too late?


What Does It Mean To "Paint" Someone? #NNS45

Today's show is all about beefs! So I talk about some of the current beefs going on in sports.

We have the Bengals vs the Steelers. All I know is "painting" someone can't be a good thing.

Rodney Harrison vs Josh Norman in a verbal bout between two DB's, Harrison offers to make it physical - with no hard feelings afterwards.

Shady McCoy and Chip Kelly. This is a good example why you have to be about it rather than a person that talks about it.

Last night we have Jason Terry vs a court-side fan. I have to say I was rooting for the underdog in this one.

Dwight Howard claims lies are being spread about him not being happy in H-town. So Dwight Howard vs The Media.

And last but not least D'Angelo Russell vs Expectations. Was Kobe the real reason for his slow start?



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