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Nancy Gathecha - On Motivation, Goals, Success, Business, Marketing & Work-Life Balance

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A weekly podcast hosted by Nancy Gathecha with entertaining stories and informative interviews that will leave you motivated and ready to take action in the direction of your dreams. Tune in and take your life and business to the next level so you can achieve the balanced success you desire.

#55 - Nicolette Brink - Being a Work-at-Home Parent

Have you ever thought of starting a home-based business and would like some insights on how that works when you´re a mom? On this interview, Nicolette Brink a wife, parent, author, and entrepreneur shares her inspiring experience and wisdom. 

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#54 - Will You Invest or Waste Your 86,400?

Time management is a myth. That's because technically we can not actually "manage time." So what do we mean when we talk about this topic that affects our productivity and success?

Tune in and discover if you are unknowingly wasting or wisely using your 86,400 and what this figure has to do with you designing the life and business you desire.

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#53 - How To Set SMART Goals

In today's busy world where so many things are competing for our attention, work / life balance is a common challenge. In line with last weeks time management tip, we look at practical principles on setting smart goals that can help us design the life and businesses of our dreams. Tune in and discover the six key areas we can set goals so we enjoy the success we desire. But not at the expense of our faith, family, friends and health.

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#52 - Time Mangement Tip

On the journey of following our dreams, ticking off achieved goals is exciting. It inspires us to keep going. Motivated by the progress we gather momentum and sometimes we have more to-dos on our lists than is healthy. Imbalance can cause burn-out and if we spread ourselves too thin, something is bound to give... 

Today's short story (hadithi) has a tip that helps us (re)-assess our priorities.  You don't want to sacrifice the significant people and things in life at the altar of goals and success do you? Tune in and hear this simple  story with wisdom on time management.

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#51 - A Dream Team in Life & Biz - Nicole Baldinu

Today´s episode gives insight on how to enjoy a harmonious relationship in work and business. Nicole  Baldinu  is the co-founder of The $100 MBA and WebinarNinja. Producer of the iTunes Best of 2014 Podcast The $100 MBA Show, Webinar Ninja Podcast and content manager at $100 MBA. Together with her husband Omar Zenhom they run their location independent company;  Business Republic and they´ve built a successful online community. Tune in and discover how using webinars can grow your business and glean from Nicole´s feminine wisdom on how partner´s can acknowledge each other´s strengths and support.

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#50 - Why New Year´s Resolutions Don´t Last

You know the drill. Almost every New Years eve we promise ourselves that THIS will be the year things change. We even attempt to follow through on our good intentions. And happens. A couple of weeks or months into the year we are back to the status quo. Going through the motions with our good intentions buried in the recesses of our minds. If I just described your scenario right now, know that I feel you because I´ve been there. Problem is for many of us, New Year´s resolutions  simply don't work. Tune in to hear 3 common, but ignored reasons why your 2016 resolutions may not last, and what to do instead.

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#49 - How To Make Everyday Valentines Day

Actions speak louder than words, and when someone loves you and expresses it with their actions, it’s natural to want to love them back. However, we often express our love back in ways that we like or expect instead of taking time to discern what the other person really wants and needs. It´s just something we do on a subconcious level, meaning well.

In his book The Five Languages Of Love, Gary Chapman says people have a primary emotional love language. There are 5 ways people speak and understand emotional love.  If we are not speaking someone’s language, it can cause great distress and even breakups in relationships.

But every day can be like Valentines Day as we discover how to say "I love you" in our partner's primary love language.

Below are the 5 languages.

 1. Words of Affirmation

 2. Quality Time 

 3. Receiving Gifts

 4. Acts of Service 

 5. Physical Touch 

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# 48 - How To Work Smarter Not Harder

Abraham Lincoln was known for his energy and productivity. On this Hadithi (story) episode, discover how a sharp ax can help us implement Lincoln´s preparation and productivity secret. Tune in and discover 3 simple tips on how to work smarter not harder so you get more done this year. Because 2016 can be the year you achieve your breakthrough and the success you desire.

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