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Kenism is not a religion. It's not a cult. Hell it's not even an organization. Kenism is a way of life, a mindset for men, the key to liberty.

Ep. 72 - The Thin Line Between Harrassment & Game

Sorry for the wait! Kenan SB, and Jonathan are back discussing #NoWomanEver and and street harrassment. Is it really a big problem? Where is it okay to approach women? Also, the fellas ask SB who'd she date...The answer? Well, it's interesting.


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Ep. 71 - Sports Fans Are Probably Losers

Kenan brings on Tony and the two discuss the NBA finals and more specifically LeBron James. They delve into why media and fans are so obsessed with his life and why he seems so polarizing. Also, Kenan claims that the majority of sports fans are miserable. Fair or Foul?


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Ep. 70 - Feminists Are Sexists Too

SB is back!!! She joins Kenan and Jonathan and they discuss whether the 15 year old girl who had sex with a group of boys in a school bathroom. Is she sexually liberated or suffering from low self esteem? Were the boys participating taking advantage of the girl? In the second half they discuss the T.I. shooting, why Kenan avoids urban concerts, and racial stereotypes.

Ep. 69 - P.C. Sex Roller Coasters

Jonathan is back while SB continues her vacation. The two discuss why people seem to have lost their minds in this whole transgender bathroom debate, Why forcing change isn't a good idea, and give their thoughts on Brazil's new sex them park having everything except an actual place to have sex.


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BONUS EP. - Can a Successful Man Be Faithful?

This bonus episode is actually the 2nd half of the "The 6 rings of White Girls" episode that I did with D Lils. In this episode we discuss him getting married and how difficult or realistic it is to expect a married man to be faithful when he's successful. If you're a man in love or getting married soon, this is for you.


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Ep. 68 - The 6 Rings Of White Girls

Kenan is joined by a Special guest! He goes by the name D Lils. Together the two discuss his "6 types of white girls" theory. If you're a black guy and has some jungle fever inside, this is a must listen. Download now!!!


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Ep. 67 - Niggas Love Some Lemonade

Kenan and Tony discuss Larry Wilmore's N-word moment at the white house which leads to a bigger discussion, Why do black people even use the word? Also, Beyonce released her Lemonade project and Kenan doesn't like one implication that's being made based on the short film.


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Kenan, You Are The Father (technically)!

The crew is back once again! Kenan, and SB sit down and discuss the Ashley Madison lawsuit and whether or not it's worth losing your marriage if it means more money in a court settlement. Later, Jonathan arrives late and jumps right into critiquing Kenan's plan to become a father with a female friend of his. Download now!!!


P.S. Apologizes for the audio quality. Next show will be better!


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