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Jenae Nicole

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The Job Optional Podcast is created for Women of Color who are inspired to start a Small Business on the side of their current 9 to 5 grind. If you have a vision to use your passion to create a profitable Side Hustle, that will give you the Freedom to live Job Optional. Each weekly episode will share actionable steps, key resources and powerful advice to inspire and motivate you and your business to success!

027: Stand Out from the Crowd

There was a great analogy about being your Authentic self in Business on an episode of Podcasts sessions by Podcast Movement 15. It spoke about what is your "est"?

Like Garyvee is the crazi'est' and
Ellen Degeneres is the funni'est'.

You Differentiate yourself from the market with what makes you special.

Is it your wit, sweetness, Whatever it is it's in Your DNA. Your unique fingerprint so to speak.

When u don’t use your individuality you become Cookie cutter and add to the noise.


Podcast sessions
Podcast movement

026: Dreaming is key to Business Success

You must have a dream to first to be able to see it become a reality.

In today's show Jenae will share some personal struggle and how to stay focused in the midst of adversity.

The reasons why you need to keep a clear focus on the dream and what is really important to have it become a success.

Also, how Entrepreneurs deal with the blessing and curse of having the gift of Vision to see possibilities.

"Discipline becomes dormant in the absence of a dream" Rory Vaden

Can't walk where you can't see and being an Entrepreneur is Hard.

Not wanting to work for somebody else is not a good reason to start a business because ultimately your customer is your new "Boss".


Thee dream must be top of mind or priority otherwise we loose clarity and focus which leads to the dreaded shiny ball syndrome.

As they say you can't chase two rabbits... well you can but not to any success.


 Hope  deferred Makes the heart sick but when the desire comes it is the tree of life. Prov. 13



Gary vee


025: Create or Consume

Are you creating a legacy or busy stuffing yourself on consuming more than is necessary?


Getting fat on the meat of the land.


Today Jenae is talking about how to use Just in time learning to

FOCUS only on what is applicable to you and your business at the stage you are in right now!


When we are stuffing ourselves with information it only Leads to overwhelm and stagnation in our Business.


Information with no application is useless.

024: Radio is Dead

In this episode Jenae shares her case for why Terrestrial Radio is officially the "Walking Dead".


With today's microwave society, nobody wants to listen to a million commercials and wait forever hoping the song they wanna hear actually gets played.


Besides, why not use the valuable time while commuting and doing mundane task becoming a better (insert hobby, passion, interest here).

Yeah, I pick that.


023: Power of the Paycheck

Perspective matters

When you begin to look at your day job as your first investor in your dream business you have a new perspective on it.

Don’t begrudge humble beginnings

I personally am not built to jump ship with no lifeline, I am more productive having the "stable income" as I build on the side.

Done it hated it - so focused on income I never could build.
It was paralyzing to me, but some folk can and need to burn the boats to really see it through and they thrive in that sink or swim atmosphere.

Baby chicks or Eaglets need their wings to develop before they can fly and leaving the nest.

Horses walk almost immediately and if they don’t there is a problem

My tribe are chicks and that’s okay.

Everything is not for everybody!
Know your truth.

022: We are ALL Marketers

Whether you're trying to get a Man, land a dream Job or secure a client contract, it's ALL Marketing!


In Today's episode we talk about…

 Being Authentic in our Marketing

Why the next new thing is not necessarily the best for you and your audience

Video Marketing is not for everybody specifically Livestreaming


Michael Stelzner

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Marketing World Conference

Podcast Movement

021: Mastermind & Shine

In Today's episode Jenae Nicole talks about how elevating someone else's shine will not dim your own, but enhance it.

- Why you should be first in line to support your friends Hustle

- How Diamonds sparkle best in groups

- Why a Mastermind can be what seperate you from the rest

#We AllWin Michelle Talbert

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020: 6 Months & 10 lessons

My top 10 lessons learned from my first 6 months podcasting.

1. Save file before you say your first word
2. Just start already
3. Be your own truth, it'll show
4. Invest in your project
5. The real work begins after New and Noteworthy
6. It's not about you
7. Be proud of your lil show and tell everybody
8. Notice others shine
9. Implement fast
10. Don’t give up


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