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because living well is a matter of choice.

Healing the Body Herstory I’m not what you’d call a capital ‘A’ Activist, but after so much violence aimed at Planned Parenthood last year—the shootings, the threats, repeated government funding cuts to vital healthcare so many women and men needed—I decided to have my annual exam there this month. It’s not that I thought I was some kind of super […]
I Declare I was at a business workshop a few weeks ago when the instructor told us to break into pairs and ask each other, ‘What do you want?’ I doubt anyone in the room was prepared to be made vulnerable by such a surprisingly deep and personal question as that. ‘What do you want?’ ‘Well,’ I began, […]
Your Surround Sound I love the effect of surround sound when I’m watching a good movie. The noise and music bouncing off of the walls, pulsing through my body and in my ears, there’s magic in the way it expands the experience of sitting still in an otherwise quiet theater. To my rational mind, I know I’m suspending my […]
The Heart: Broken Open   According to the Buddha, “True love is born from understanding.” But when a relationship ends and the heart breaks, it can feel as though love itself has abandoned us, and understanding seems an even longer way off. For six years Dale had been the great love of my life. In nearly everything I did […]
The Invitation of Spring   Spring has officially become my favorite season of the year. Never mind how much you’ve heard me gush about Summer. Each season has its magic, but Spring sings to me of rebirth, renewal, the majesty of starting over and making way for the underdog, the babies and fools. Spring gives us all a level […]
Honey Help YourSelf … RESUME Sometimes it’s necessary to slow down—in order to navigate around obstacles, to avoid accidents, to keep ourselves safe. We might even have to stop altogether and wait for the way to clear. Such are the rules of the road. However. When we lose momentum on our pet projects or big dreams, it has the opposite […]
Good Energy Tip: Encourage Yourself! Whenever I ask for change, it’s the one thing I’m sure I’ll get. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether I ask for it or not. But the thing is, the process of change can be overwhelming. Ever been in a classroom or work or relationship setting where it felt like everybody was smarter, better, faster and […]
10 Ways to Check a Miserly Mindset Do you know any cheapskates—those people who hold so tight to their money, they kill those dead presidents all over again in their grip? Beyond being frugal, cheapskates are downright excessive in their non-spending habits. To be clear, there’s a difference between budgeting—or being broke—and being straight-up cheap. Cheapskates are easy to spot; they’re also […]

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