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Shannon Cason, WBEZ

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Short stories and commentary shared by writer/storyteller Shannon Cason.

HS #84 A Beautiful Name From the Homemade Stories Live show in Detroit on Mother's Day, Dame Wilburn shares some memories about her lively mom. And I talk about my mom's beautiful name.
HS #83 For the Students I did a storytelling workshop at Indiana University with The Moth, and some of the stories stuck to my bones, especially this one story.
HS #82 A Single Man I was given a lot of advice when I was single-ish, so I'm passing on some of the advice I got - good and bad.
HS #81 Homecoming I went back to my old university, MSU, and shared a TEDx Talk on the largest stage on campus. It had been a decade since I'd last visited. It was a nice way to return.
HS #80 The Open Mic A suggestion from an audience member sends me in a totally different direction into the world of comedy. Featuring comedian Tim Barnes.
HS #79 Life of Music If my life had a soundtrack, this would be the soundtrack. Music carries memories.
HS #78 My Chicago Blues I've lived or worked on most sides of the city of Chicago -- Downtown, Southside, Westside, Northside. And on every side of town you can hear the blues. This is the first story I told at a Moth StorySLAM. The theme was "Neighborhoods." Also, it's one of my first Homemade Stories episodes, re-recorded and remixed.
HS #77 The Man My dad is Billy Cason, a true Detroit original. I took a microphone to my dad's room in the back of the house and let him talk into it about his life in the Army and his life in Detroit.

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