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Join Geek Soul Brother and The Five Nerdy Venoms in a conversation about things in the geek universe, including movies, television, comics and special topics. Let us hip you to stuff from the old school as well as new geeky stuff coming out soon. This Podcast was created using

EP.285 - COMIGAMANI - E3 REVIEW In this episode the Nerdy Venoms talk about the E3 Convention with some great guests and friends of the show. Thanks to all that joined in. Enjoy.
EP.284 - JOSEPH MALLOZZI - STARGATE AND DARK MATTER In this episode we talk to Joseph Mallozzi, one of the creators of the hit Syfy show Dark Matter and Exec. Producer of Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe. We talked about his experiences on season 1 of Dark Matter and how he came up with the story. He also dropped some advice for new writers. Joe was an excellent guest. Enjoy.
EP.283 - TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES in this episode we gave a review of TMNT2 and talked about a few things that happened recently including Muhommed Ali passing, the Gorilla and baby incident, and Is there a Geek Generation Gap? Enjoy.
EP.282 - NATALIE CHAIDEZ - Syfy's HUNTERS In this special episode Geek Soul Brother had the honor of talking with Natalie Chaidez, the Showrunner for the new show on the Syfy network - Hunters. We talked about the diversity of the show, how Natalie got into the business, and time travel shows. Enjoy.
EP.281 - X-MEN APOCALYPSE REVIEW In this episode we talk about the third film in the newly revamped X-Men franchise. We also talk trailers and TV. Enjoy.
EP.278 - COMIGAMANI - THE DEATH OF ARCADES In this episode the Nerdy Venoms talk about the Death of Arcade games, Print vs Digital, and they played a game of Superfight. Enjoy.
EP.277 - CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR In this episode the gang and I thoroughly went in on Captain America: Civil War with a non-spoiler and then spoiler review. We all loved it of course, but there were come criticisms here and there. Also we did Nerdy News and Faux Movie Phone. Enjoy.
EP.276 - KEANU AND APRIL MACKIN In this episode we reviewed the new Key and Peele film KEANU. But before that we were joined the April Mackin, animal trailer for Film and one of the trainers for Keanu. She was great and gave awesome insight into the world of professional animal training. Enjoy.

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