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The Podcast about Making It! Giving inspiration to the aspiring entrepreneur and a backstage pass to successful owners who have taken the step into independence.

#FRMSCRTCH Episode 31 - The House of Chester Interview itunes pic
the #FRMSCRTCH crew kicks it with the mind behind House of Chester, Alex. We talk inspiration, the importance of research, protecting your brand, and making it without a mentor. insta: @houseofchester twitter: @houseofchester tumblr: @houseofchester web: houseofchester.bigcartel.com
#FRMSCRTCH Episode 30: The BashInLAInterview itunes pic
the #FRMSCRTCH crew kick it with a true friend to the show, BashInLA. We talk her #FRMSCRTCH story, from MI to LA, her love and passion for writing, motherhood, Baltimore, and some dope plans she has for the future. Make sure y'all hit her up! web: bashinla.com, hiphopbattle.com Twitter/Insta: @BashInLA
#FRMSCRTCH Episode 29 - The Black Bottom Archives Interview itunes pic
in a can't miss episode, the #FRMSCRTCH crew kick it with the Camille and Paige of Black Bottom Archives about a little bit of everything - from Black Bottom Archives' #FRMSCRTCH story to Walter Scott and Black Liberation. And Marcus laments us not playing music on the show, lol. You can catch episodes of #FRMSCRTCH streaming live on Black Bottom Archives' website as well! The Connect: web: blackbottomarchives.com twitter: @_blackbottom, Paige - @_paygee, Camille - @MillieGiovanni insta: @blackbottomarchives, Camille - @MaxineShaw, Paige - @ultimate_paygee FB: The Black Bottom Archives, Paige Watkins and Camille Johnson Tumblr: TheBlackBottomArchives.Tumblr.com E Mail: cjohnson@blackbottomllc.com and pwatkins@blackbottomllc.com
#FRMSCRTCH Episode 28 - The Randi Rossario Interview itunes pic
the #FRMSCRTCH crew kick it with the Queen of New Detroit, OhSoRadio's Capo, Ms. Randi Rossario. we get her #FRMSCRTCH story, her knowledge on building a personal brand, and what it means to have "No Dickstractions" ™. you WILL respect her hustle. HA! OhSoRadio! - Twitter/Insta: @theohsoradio Web: ohsoradio.com Download the OhSoRadio App - Android: http://bit.ly/1ayffJy Apple: http://bit.ly/1ywPeWy Randi Rossario - Twitter/Insta: @RandiRossario
#FRMSCRTCH Episode 27 - #FRMSCRTCHForAll itunes pic
the #FRMSCRTCH crew chop it up about Tidal, Kendrick, Action Bronson in Detroit, and the Germanwings tragedy. they also make an open call to @bashinla to join us on air for an episode. they can make that happen right? right. support the homie bash! twitter: @bashinla youtube: bashinlavlog web: bashinla.com
#FRMSCRTCH Episode 26 - "Creflo Dollar(s) & Sense" itunes pic
the #FRMSCRTCH crew kicks it with one of Flint's finest, YaBoyLV. He talks to us about his journey, from radio personality to digital media strategist. and he kicks it with us about Creflo Dollar's private plane come up and Dame Dash's interview about manhood. catch up with LV: insta/twitter: @yaboylv youtube: yaboylv/ournewnormal
#FRMSCRTCH Episode 25 - The Jamall Bufford Interview itunes pic
The #FRMSCRTCH crew get their "rap nerd" fix with the long time homie, the incomparable Jamall Bufford. We talk The Black Opera, Athletic Mic League, his solo career, touring all over the globe, and he hits us with his #FRMSCRTCH5 MC's from Ann Arbor to look out for. The Black Opera web: theblackopera.com twitter: www.twitter.com/theblackopera insta: instagram.com/TheBlackOpEra/ FB: The Black Opera Cop "The Great Year" itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-great-year/id908877396 cd: http://theblackopera.bigcartel.com/product/the-black-opera-the-great-year-cd Jamall Bufford twitter: twitter.com/jamallbufford Get That Music! Buff 1: http://buff1.bandcamp.com/ Jamall Bufford: http://mellomusicgroup.bandcamp.com/album/victim-of-a-modern-age
#FRMSCRTCH Episode 24 - The Phil Black Interview itunes pic
the #FRMSCRTCH crew kicks it with Phil Black, the visionary behind The Manhood Project, about his story, his powerful vision for change, and the moment that changed his life forever. listen close. web: tmpmentoring.com insta: @TheManhoodProject twitter: @tmpmentoring

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