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Myisha Battle

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Down for Whatever is a sexuality podcast featuring sex-positive interviews with real people about their real sexual experiences. With candor and humor, Myisha helps to demystify modern sexual dilemmas by highlighting the experiences and expertise of her guests who represent a wide spectrum of sexual identities, orientations and backgrounds. For more information, visit

The Vagina Dialogues Two women. Two vaginas. All talk. On this episode of Down for Whatever, Myisha discusses vaginas with her friend Alex who is a nurse and major advocate of lady parts. They cover the basics like hygiene and anatomy, but also get into some advanced topics like childbirth and female ejaculation.
Spiritual Sex Myisha interviews Vanessa Cuccia, creator and founder of Chakrubs, a beautiful sex toy line made from crystals! Vanessa shares the story behind Chakrubs and her unique path to sexual bliss. Learn how integrating a spiritual practice into your sex life can deepen your experience of your own sexuality.
Full Bodily Autonomy Myisha talks with her friend Tori about her experiences as a stripper in San Francisco and her career as a sex worker in Australia. They also discuss Tori's advocacy efforts and the state of sex worker rights and empowerment both here and abroad. 
Jeffrawr & a Pup Named Romeo On the season 2 premier of DFW, drama therapist Jeffery Allen Hayes and his partner Vivi open up about incorporating kink into their relationship. Power play is explored as a way of processing homophobia, sexism, racism and can be just down-right fun. Learn how to create a play space and dismantle patriarchy!
You're Never Too Old to Sex Myisha speaks with Lynn Brown Rosenberg about her book, My Sexual Awakening at 70 in which Lynn details how she ended up watching porn and meeting up with men from sex chat websites for the first time in her life at 70 years of age. 
So You Wanna Make Some Porn? Happy Valentine's Day! On the return episode of Down for Whatever, Myisha speaks with her first west coast guest, Renny. He's done a porn or twenty in his day and has some insight into what to expect should you want to break into the field.
Cool Mom   Not everyone can discuss sex and the potential perils of intimate relationships with their parents.  In this episode, Myisha discusses interracial relationships, sex, feminism and violence against women with her mom who she discovers is effortlessly cool.
Dating Tips for Overthinkers Ever feel like you are completely missing dating signs and signals that everyone else seems to know and understand?  Myisha's guest, Michael Leviton helps demystify some common dating habits and explains how to make your approach to dating work for you.

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