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The Dense Pixels Podcast is a weekly show talking about everything you need to know in the video game industry. We give you news, opinionated discussion, the important info on major new releases, and lots of humor from four guys who know, love, and live video games.

Episode 149: Jaunty Eye-Patch Carrie is back to talk all things Nintendo at E3 2016. We also talk about what characters we’d like to see in Injustice 2, why Keiji Inafune should choose his words carefully, why Micah will never be a top GT Sport player, and much more!
Episode 148: The E3 2016 Supershow Extravaganza!

This week is E3, so you know we have to sit down and talk about the press events from the week. Rob joins the crew to find out who knocked it out of the park this year, what games we’re looking forward to, and which reveals left us feeling let down.

Microsoft - 07:50
Sony - 1:01:50
EA - 1:47:00
Ubisoft - 2:03:19
Bethesda - 2:31:37

Episode 147 - Genesis Does Micah and Brad go it alone this week as we answer your queries and find out what YOU people want. We also talk Overwatch news, if a Final Fantasy game gets released and no one cares if it makes a sound, new info on Horizon: Zero Dawn, a recent Capcom Pro Tour scandal, and much more!
Episode 146 - Scorpio In this episode the crew talks Overwatch, the No Man’s Sky delay, advertising in video games, Valve’s potential legal troubles, the need for updated consoles, the world’s greatest boss/supervillain, and more!
Episode 145 - SPOILER ALERT!!! In this episode, we talk how not to write a spoiler-filled article if you’re a major news website, Gran Turismo’s place in the current landscape, the need for streaming video game services, EA ratting their own damn selves out, and much more!
Episode 144 - Everclear or Rubbing Alcohol? In this episode we talk Ubisoft dominance, Microsoft’s poor batting average, Overwatch’s novel policy for dealing with cheaters, the game no one wanted to work on, Capcom making the most obvious statement of the year, satiate Micah’s curiosity over alcohol, figure out just how good an actor Michael Fassbender is really, and much more!
Boba Fett Sucks - Ep143 - Dense Pixels Podcast This week we talk a ton of EA news including what it means that Titanfall and Battlefield are releasing right around one another, debate the Video Game Hall of Fame inductees, initial impressions of Overwatch and Uncharted 4, and much more, BRO!
Bizarre Nintendo Strategies - Ep142 - Dense Pixels Podcast Carrie joins Brad and Terrence this week to discuss the NX release announcement and how the early life of the console may look. We also have a massive amount of indifference to the new Call of Duty announcement, talk development costs of games, how it feels to have a video game played on your boobs, and more!

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