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Birds of a Feather

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The Birds of a Feather podcast featuring Tawanda and EJ, two self proclaimed "sophistiratchets." Listen while they discuss current events, pop culture, give unsolicited advice, and name a Bad Bird of the Week.

How Deep is Your Love

The Birds discuss Ye being a #fingerinthebootyassbitch, Blackrob's #peakpetty, and#americasnexttopmommy.

This week the Birds had tons to chirp about courtesy of the #fingerinthebootyassbitch, Mr. Kanye West.  The Birds jump right in, discussing Mr. Kardashian's feud with Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa.  AmBam's clapback segwayed nicely into discussing our new favorite couple Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.  We can’t get enough of their gym selfies and clover emojis.  Clearly Chyna was playing chess while the Kardashian's were playing checkers and the Birds are here for her #peakpetty.  Rob revealed himself to be a true ride or die and even bailed Chyna out of jail! #BaeGoals.  The Birds also briefly discussed how stupid B.O.B. is and Tyra Banks becoming America’s Next Top Mommy.

This week’s #HipPopQuiz  theme was Social Media. Tawanda did her thang answering questions based on lyrics from Yo Gotti, Jay-z and others. Use your Twitter fingers to answer the audience question here or on Twitter using the hashtag #HipPopQuiz.  Shout out to last week’s participants, Daniel, @ellewoods119 and @litfangrl.

Crave is back this week for our #JusttheTip segment discussing fingers in the booty (thank you, Kanye).  Find out how to start or improve anal stimulation. As always, if you have questions for Crave use the "Submit a Question" tab and ask away.

Rihanna’s always been a bad gyal but this week she’s a Bad Bird. This honor has been a long time coming, but with the highly anticipated Anti album dropping we couldn’t think of anyone else more deserving.  Listen in for updates on previous Bad Birds Beyonce, Viola Davis and Serena Williams. 

You can reach us on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and Tumblr for information about the show and to interact with us more.  Thank you all for you patience during our hiatus, we are so happy to be back with you guys again. 

Baby Let It Snow

The Birds are back to discuss Snowzilla, #oscarssowhite, Meek v Peak Petty, and #FeeltheBern.

Happy New Years! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanza! Happy Martin Luther King Day!  Happy, we know we ain't shit for not posting an episode in a month and a half but here we are making amends for it today day! We started off the episode with EJ congratulating Tawanda on her foresight to move to Minnesota and avoid Snowzilla.  In a funny yet oddly divisive subject, the Birds discuss #Oscarssowhite and First Aunt Viv's reaction to Jada's boycotting of the Oscars as well as EJ's delightful Igbo accent. The Birds then went on to discuss Meek Mill's inability to mind his damn business and his recent interactions with Peak Petty, 50 Cent and Bernie Sanders recent surge in the polls against Hillary Clinton.  

The Birds also briefly mention Flint, Michigan and their prayers go out to the children affected by the water crisis. 

In a new segment entitled "Just the Tip" the Birds introduce Crave, the new resident Sexpert, who will be giving weekly sex tips and answering questions.  This week's topic was kegels. Are you ready to work out your pelvic floor?  Not just for the ladies, men can join in too.  If you have a question for Crave you can send them through the submit a question tab on our website or tweet us with the hashtag #justthetip. 

Hip Pop Quiz was focused on Tax Season. Tawanda quizzed EJ about hip hop lyrics related to tax time and gave the audience a "name that rapper" question.  Play along with EJ this week and answer the audience question through our website or via twitter with the hashtag #hippopquiz.

This week's #askabird was about a young entrepeneur and the Birds gave general business marketing advice.  We actually answered this question pretty well so if you are interested in starting a small business, this segment may be perfect for you.  If you have any other questions for the Birds, ask through our submit a question tab on our website or tweet us with the hashtag #askabird.

This week's bad bird of the week would have been us if we didn't realize during taping that we didn't deserve it.  Next week we will definitely find a woman worthy of our weekly honor. 

You can reach us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for information about the show and to interact with us more.  Thank you all for you patience during our hiatus, we are so happy to be back with you guys again. 




Blessings on Blessings on Blessings

The Birds discuss Thanksgiving, sourdough vagina, Black Friday nonsense, and protests.

After a brief hiatus the Birds are back! This week we discussed our respective Thanksgivings. While we didn't have as an eventful of a Thanksgiving as James Wright, we were thankful that we weren't subjected to bread made out of vaginal secretions. Wondering what the hell we're talking about? Press play for the full rundown.  You can't discuss Thanksgiving without talking about Black Friday so the Birds recapped all of the fuckery the consumer driven holiday inspired.  Things turned somber after having to recap the shooting during the #JusticeforJamar protests, the release of Laquan McDonald's execution video, and the shooting at Planned Parenthood. 

EJ couldn't wait to deliver this week's #HipPopQuiz.  She tried to undermine the Say No to Chris movement with a Chris and Sean themed quiz.  Listen in to see how you do!  Tweet us the answer with the hashtag #hippopquiz or answer through our website.  Congrats to last week's winners:  @gquince21 and @williebobby.

There were not #AskaBird questions this week but if you have a query hit us on Twitter or through our website. 

Our Bad Bird this week is song bird Adele who came from seemingly nowhere and broke records with her chart topping album "25".  Tawanda hasn't heard it yet because she's baeless and isn't emotionally ready for the album but EJ seems to think it's decent. Check out the flawless beauty here and let us know what you think about the CD. 

We may be taking another brief break (let the alliteration soothe you) but keep up with us on InstagramTwitterFacebook. and Tumblr.  While you're poking around on the internet, leave us a five star rating on iTunes. Thanks. You the best. 

Peace to the Paris Crew in the Avenue.

The Birds discuss #pattiepies, Fetty Wap feminist theory, Church apologies, social media activism, and the recent worldwide tragedies.

This week Tawanda open's the show with her desire to try a Pattie Pie after watching James Wright's in depth review of the pastry.  While she laments that they are sold out everywhere, EJ is happy that Pattie Labelle honored James with a phone call. The Birds then discuss MC Lyte's claim that Fetty Wap is the most feminist rapper in the game.  Do you agree with MC Lyte's assertion?  The Birds were on the fence.  The Birds then discuss the casting of the Kent State play about the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. where the play's lead character is white.  Let me reiterate, MLK is played by a white man.  EJ scolds everyone who allowed this to happen and differentiates this "colorblind casting" with casting black actors in fiction movies.  The Birds then get into the science of cheating and discover the genetic and hormonal links that may make a person more susceptible to cheating. 

Things take a more somber note when the Birds talk about the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad and the ongoing racial tensions at Mizzou.  They discuss many people's unfounded anger about the France Flag filters on Facebook and how the filters do not mean that much as a form of activism anyway. 

Hip pop quiz was about One Hit Wonders and EJ does well.  Do you know the answer to this week's question?  Tweet us the answer with the hashtag #hippopquiz or answer through our website.  Congrats to last week's winners:  @litfangirl and @williebobby.

This week's bad bird is is Johari Osayi Idusuyi whose "Boy Bye" game while reading Black political theory was so strong during a recent Donald Trump rally that she won the hearts of many Donald Trump opposers. Learn more about our Bad Bird here. 

Did you like this week's episode??? Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and rate five stars. Tweetemail or use the "Submit a Question" tab to ask us a question for our #AskABird segment.


The Unnecessary Rigga-Ma-Roe

The Birds discuss petty exes, Ben Carson #mmmohmygawd, and dating deal breakers.

The Birds are back again to run through all of the randomness of this week. First up on the list is David Justice. After reminding us all that he still existed, Justice went on a Twitter rant insinuating that Wesley Snipes abused Halle, and that Halle was crazy and manipulative. We discuss his bitchassness and more before moving on to Ben Carson.  We say it almost every week, but it needs to be said again, that n-word crazy! This week he earns our mockery by releasing a terrible hip hop song and lying about his scholarship from West Point.  One can’t help but wonder why Ben Carson always lying, why the fuck he lying mmmmmohmygawd….

Speaking of idiots, we also did some yelling about a Houston activist who blamed Bad Bird, Beyonce, for a trans rights bill failing. Listen in on all the ways we think he’s stupid.  We move on to K. Michelle’s desire to remove her butt implants and we end with EJ subtly shading Tawanda with the New York Times’ list of dating deal breakers.

This week’s #HipPopQuiz was an ode to rappin’ ass love songs. Questions from Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Nelly and Jay-z songs were featured. Tawanda dominated the category because she is a hip hop scholar and incredibly intelligent. EJ remained a hatin’ ass hoe.  Scholars and hatin’ ass hoes alike should try their hand at this week’s audience question by answering through our website or by tweeting us with the hashtag #hippopquiz.   Congrats to last week's winners: @williebobby, and @jupiterjulep24.

This week we didn’t mention dicks a single time during the #AskaBird segment. We are very proud of this small accomplishment.  We answered questions from Lolo who who was wondering why a potential bae was being inconsistent with his loving, and anonymous who wanted to know if a dream wedding is worth the nightmare.  If you have a question, hit us up here or on Twitter. While a dick discussion wasn’t featured in this response, we cannot guarantee dick’s absence every week.  

Finally, before awarding Tschneill Rainey with Bad Bird of the Week for her epic takedown of an internet hater, Tawanda submitted a Bird Theory about what motivated Super Serena to chase down that phone thief.  There were also updates on Tina Knowles Lawson and last week’s Bad Bird, Simone Biles.

We hope you guys enjoy this week’s episode. If you do be sure leave us a five star rating on iTunes. If you don’t, than EJ’s intro bears to be repeated, “Hatin’hoes aint happy, and happy hoes ain’t hating.”  You can also keep up with us via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Be blessed.

Hands On Yo Knees

The Birds discuss Halloween costumes, woman of the year, cancer meat, and Republican f*ckery.

This week the Birds return by delving into the thot odyssey of Zola. Zola spun an epic tale of mystery, mayhem, and murder that left Tawanda and EJ, along with the rest of the country enthralled. Equally as entertaining were this year's crop of celebrity Halloween costumes. Listen in to hear us opine about Beyoncé's, June Ambrose's , and the Game's Halloween costumes. Things take a sadder turn when EJ brings up all of the delicious foods that can kill you.

While it doesn't hold the prestige of Bad Bird of the Week, the Glamour Woman of the Year award is a great honor. Caitlyn Jenner counts herself among his year's recipients, a placement that the Birds don't agree with... We bring back the #republicanfuckery segment this week to lambast soft spoken baboon, Ben Carson, for his penchant for comparing things he doesn't like to slavery.

Dancing Drake and the underdeveloped genre of Trap Disco inspired this week's #HipPopQuiz. Listen to EJ flounder her way through simple questions pertaining to dance crazes the dougie, da butt, and the humpty dance.  The n!ggas who don't dance, but just pull up their pants should try their luck with this week's audience question by answering through our website or by tweeting us on Twitter with the hashtag #hippopquiz.   Congrats to last week's winners: Derrick, @williebobby, and @gquince21.

While you're here, poking around, submit a question for our #AskaBird segment. Ask us anything about love, work, ourselves, how to avoid Chrises, or any other matter you're curious about.

Our Bad Birds keep getting younger and younger. Zendaya held the title for the youngest Bad Bird of the Week briefly before seceding it to 18 year old world champion gymnast Simone Biles. There are also updates about Bad Bird alums Viola Davis, Janet Mock and Misty Copeland. Also we recognized @BATBsnark, who was a listener submitted Bad Bird, for being one of South Africa's leading drone experts. If you guys have a Bad Bird you want recognized shoot us a tweet or an email and we'll highlight their excellence.

We had some technical difficulties this week but much like a Just for Me relaxer kit we will work out the kinks. Thanks for rocking with us while we smooth things out. Keep up with us via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and don't forget to leave a five star rating on iTunes.

Ever Since I Left the City

The Birds return from hiatus to discuss Ebony's Cosby Cover, Cookie Lyon's business casual, and Rahmeek meeking again. 

The Birds are back!  After a few more weeks than they initially anticipated, the Birds return with their 26th episode.  The Birds begin the episode with EJ reminding everyone where to find them and to take the Listener Survey.  They jump right into the "Let's Get Into It" segment with a discussion on Ebony's infamous Cosby cover.  Tawanda thought the cover was poignant and EJ didn't pay attention to it until she had to which is typical.  What was your reaction?  Tweet the Birds and let them know how you feel.  The Birds then transition to discussing Rahmeek internet beefing with fellow labelmate Wale. It's a shame that people call being petty on the internet "meeking" but he brought it upon himself.  The Birds then chuckle over the NY Times Editor who decided to dress like Cookie Lyon for a week. They then transition to discussing Khloe and Lamar and their reconciliation and send well wishes to Freddy Gray's mom. 

Congrats to everyone who got last episodes #hippopquiz question correct.  Special congrats to  Derrick@Williebobby, and @Jupiterjulip24.  This week's quiz was centered around DMX songs.  Tawanda did well.  How did you do?  Answer this week's question through our website or by tweeting us on Twitter. 

This weeks Q&A was about catfishing and sexting.  The Birds try their hardest to stay on topic and do a pretty decent job.  If you want the Birds to attempt to answer your questions send them through the Submit a Question tab on the website or through the hashtag #askabird on twitter. 

This week's Bad Bird was none other than Zendaya Coleman.  Once the girls decided on the correct pronunciation of her name, they praise her for getting some over retouched photos of her in Modeliste magazine taken down.  Zendaya has been slaying for a while now, so this was a well deserved award. 

Ever since she left the city, we, we, we ... ain't recorded an episode but we are back like we never left.  Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and rate five stars. Tweetemail or use the "Submit a Question" tab to ask us a question for our #AskABird segment.

Live from the Gutter

The Birds discuss #netflixandchill, patchouli barbie, Merry Jane, and Next's greatest hits. 

EJ starts off the show with a beautiful rendition of "I Miss My Homies" by Master P dedicated to Tawanda who will be moving to Minnesota causing the Birds of a Feather podcast to go on a short hiatus. Despite the various difficulties with recording the episode this week the Bird's continue on despite both of them realizing that this is a quote "trash ass episode."

The "Let's Get Into It" segment began with EJ lamenting about the statistics in Aziz Ansari's book "Modern Romance".  She opines that dating is too hard and she doesn't ever want to do it and hopes to never have to again. Tawanda is fine with some of the texting rules Aziz states in his book while EJ wonders if she's too old to date and if technology is eliminating extemporaneous conversations and turning kids into idiots.  The Birds then discuss Zendaya getting a Barbie based on her controversial look at the 2015 Oscars and Demi Lovato's comments about wanting Mattel to produce a Barbie based on her curvier body type. Tawanda then applauds Snoop Dogg for starting tech company and app Merry Jane and reminds everyone not to steal the Bird's ideas for Greeting Card/Rolling Papers.  A heated discussion then ensues regarding RL's statement that the vine "Why You Always Lying" is a mockery of his life's work with EJ believing that his life's work as front man for Next amounts to trash and Tawanda defending "Butta Love" as the song of a generation (note: EJ may have exaggerated Tawanda's actual feelings in this recap in order to make her seem insane). 

Shoutout to Tawanda's dog Barbie whose assholishness hindered recording and reminded EJ and Tawanda why they record at EJ's house in the first place. 

The HipPopQuiz segment was based on Libra Season as Tawanda and EJ are both Libras (October 2nd and 5th respectively).  Tawanda asks for 5 stars and likes on iTunes while EJ states gifts and money are preferred.  Either way, EJ's immediate gift is her getting every question of the quiz correct (despite having to answer two questions three times).  Did you do as well on the quiz?  If so, make sure to answer  the audience question here or on twitter using the hashtag #hippopquiz.

Congrats to last week's winners: @GQuince21, @xoDeAndrea, @MrsProfesq, @WillieBobby, @Tunders, @EssKayGA, Daniel, Anthony, and Derrick.

Q&A was a bit shaky as the Birds did their best to advise how to tell a friend their life is falling apart and to answer whether side hoes ever prosper and if it's ok to fight the mistress.  If you have questions you would like the Birds to struggle through answering, feel free to submit a question through our website via the Submit a Question tab or via twitter through the #askabird hashtag. 

Our Bad Bird of the Week is Amber Rose, much to EJ's delight.  Read more about Amber in the Bad Bird of the Week section of our website where EJ was allowed to gush even more. 

This was one of those weeks where everything was against the Birds but they recorded an episode anyway because they love the show and their fans.  Thanks for sticking it out with them through the trash and hopefully the hiatus will be short lived!  Don't forget to subscribe on iTunes and rate five stars. Tweet, email or use the "Submit a Question" tab to ask us a question for our #AskABird segment.


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