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Donwill makes music and you can hear it here.

BWN 28 - DJ Low Key In this episode I have a conversation with my friend DJ Low Key about his career as a DJ, the parties that he throws in Denver and his experiences as Tanya Morgan's tour DJ. I also give a few updates on the upcoming Tanya Morgan album, the Lessondary album and the Night Train w/ Wyatt Cenac TV show coming to SeeSo this summer. Drop by to grab a few of his mixes and stop by to pre-order our upcoming album.
BWN 27 Parisian Jetlag For the last month Tanya Morgan has been in Paris and Don takes this episode to reflect on his travels as well as the recent terrorist attacks. He also gives an update on the state of the podcast and plays a bit of new music as well. This episode includes music from Rob Cave Jr's upcoming lp 'Books & Chicks & Brooklyn Shit' which is available for streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud.
BWN 26 - The Fake TM EP feat Donwill The year is creeping to a close and the long awaited Tanya Morgan album is still lingering in the lurch. Does that mean that the duo has been on hiatus? Not at all, it just means that you haven’t heard the songs that they’ve been featured on. Luckily Don has all of these songs and podcast that he can play them on! This episode features music by Jean Grae, Psalm One, The Hood Internet, P. So and many more. There is even an exclusive Denmark Vessey song from his upcoming EP ‘Martin Lucid Dream’. For more information about the artists and the projects that these songs appear on check the links below. Jean Grae - iSweatergawd P. So - Feast of Legend Mike Baker the Bike Maker - Cool Ass Life Psalm One - Free Hugs Denmark Vessey 3&0 - Strange Wars EP The Hood Internet - II Von Pea Soundcloud J-Live Around The Sun
Episode 25 - FKA Spec Boogie ft Rob Cave Jr On this episode Spec Boogie introduces us to Rob Cave Jr who is actually Spec Boogie. Sound confusing? It shouldn’t be just a him explaining why he’s deciding to roll with his government name for this next phase of his career. We are also treated to tales of his start in music, why the arts are important to him and a pretty cool story about his run-in with none other than B.I.G. himself. Yeah, you don’t wanna miss this one.
Episode 24 - Black Kevin Arnold ft Chris Lamberth This week we are joined by comedian and R&B lover Chris Lamberth and we start our conversation off with a bang. Not only do we talk about Tyrese, Ray J and Jason Weaver but we also sing a few songs as well. After that we get into his comedy career and how Chris Hardwick gave him a shot early on. For more information about Chris's comedy and his podcast The Mundane Festival (which I was a guest on) visit or follow him on twitter @ChrisLamberth. Also head over to to cop this crazy $50 bundle that includes a slew of CD's and vinyls. Trust me, you don't want to miss out. The titles included are below: Tanya Morgan Bundle includes: -Tanya Morgan - Moonlighting (CD & Vinyl) -Tanya Morgan - Take The L 12" (Vinyl) -Tanya Morgan - You & What Army (CD) -Von Pea - Duly Noted (CD) -Von Pea - To:You (CD) -Donwill - Suburban Sprawl (CD) -Donwill - Love Junkie 7" Vinyl -Tanya Morgan's 12 Minutes at Karriem's (Digital)
Episode 23 - The Courage of Present Times feat Sonnymoon On this weeks episode we are joined by Sonnymoon to talk about their newly released album The Courage of Present Times as well as the groups origin. We also find our host Donwill fresh off the road and dismayed with social media. You can pick up Courage Of Present Times at and while you are shopping for music HiPNOTT has a summer sale on all items in the bandcamp store. Just use HiPNOTTSUMMER2015 at checkout to save 25% on your purchases.
Episode 22 - Blame Canada feat Von Pea Tanya Morgan is currently on tour in Canada with Moka Only and Freshkils and as a result this episode almost didn't happen. There is no intro and there are no commercial breaks but there is an explanation as to why Von was in France for 2 months as well as a bit of updated information on the upcoming Tanya Morgan album. If you just so happen to be in Canada here are the remaining tour dates for the Northeast Telethon feat Moka Only & Freshkils: 6/22 - Hamilton, ON @ Absinthe 6/23 - Whitby, ON @ Music Scene 6/24 - Kingston, ON @ Mansion 6/25 - Ottawa, ON @ Ritual 6/27 - Stowe, VT @ Rusty Nail 6/28 - Manchester, NH @ Shaskeen 7/1 - Portland, ME @ Asylum
Episode 21 - The Comedy Outlier feat Mike Brown Journalist turned comedian Mike Brown joins us this week and we cover quite a few topics. We talk about his start in comedy, the shows he has a hand in running and his group the Decepticomics but that's not it. The conversation also drifts from dating to race and even scientology is tossed in the mix. Find out more about Mike Brown and his many shows at and follow @BWNPodcast so that you don't miss any episodes or updates.

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