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Americans United Again

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This podcast focuses on uplifting Americans body, mind and spirit with positive and inspiring content.

AUA Hope Episode 9: Hope-aversary!

In this very special (and delayed) anniversary episode of AUA Hope, Cherelle and Ricky talk about the power of the human touch, four rituals to create happiness and what one university is doing to offer free medical school to students. As if that wasn’t enough, Cherelle’s mom Jill joins us for the Ray of Hope segment, as we relive our favorite episodes and moments from the past year. Happy Hope-aversary!

AUA Hope Episode Podcast 8

On episode 8 of AUA HOPE, we discuss the shrinking budget deficit, therapy dogs in the courtroom and how to use meditation to improve your career. We also talk about how to be more confident if you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP) and what being HSP means. In our Ray of Hope segment, we meet Black Lives Matter activist Leslie Mac and she tells us why she left her career to focus on her passion full time. We have all that and more so please check out this amazing new episode! 

Intro- rundown of the upcoming sto [...]
AUA Hope Podcast Episode 7

AUA HOPE Episode 7

On Episode 7 of AUA HOPE, we discuss a new drug making headway in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, the inspiring action of Muslim groups to help rebuild Black churches, Oregon’s new law to help increase voter registration and much more. We also cover the secrets behind crystal healing and Ricky shares his great prosperity news. In addition, we have a very special guest, one of Cherelle’s spiritual mentors, Rev. Jim Webb of the T [...]

AUA Hope Podcast Episode 6
In Episode 6 of AUA HOPE, we discuss fascinating new breakthroughs in cancer treatments, the good things that came out of the Baltimore uprising as well as ways to increase serotonin levels. We have our first ever roundtable featuring activist podcasters Leslie Mac from “Interracial Jawn” and “the Ferguson Response Network and Molly Mac from “The Pennymon Doctrine.”

AUA HOPE Episode 6 outline

AUA Hope Podcast Episode 5

On episode 5 of AUA Hope, we discuss how to practice self-compassion, dealing with Debby Downers and an exciting new app that helps you lift your mood throughout the day. We also discuss the great news from the 2014 jobs report as well the dramatic rise in residential solar nationwide. We wrap up the show with our Ray of Hope segment with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) coach David Childerley, who offers tips on how to tap out depression, anxiety and chronic health issues. This is an episode jam-packed with goodness and you won’t want to miss out. Get ready to start feeling good, AUA Hope starts right now!

AUA Hope Podcast Episode 4



AUA Hope Podcast Episode 3

                                                     AUA HOPE Episode 3 Show Notes

Intro- rundown of the upcoming stories

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this week?

1. November has the best jobs numbers in years

AUA Hope Podcast Episode 2

AUA HOPE Episode 2 Show Notes

In our second episode, we bring you a positive story about a paralyzed man who regains the ability to walk, another story about schools implementing bike riding to improve test scores and uplifting information about which stores are putting families before profits this holiday season. We also have our “Ray of Hope” interview with Dr. Rick Morris of the Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center, as well as prosperity stories and our inspirational quote of the day. Get ready to start feeling good, AUA Hope starts right NOW.

INTRO MUSIC- Flo Rida “Good Feeling”

Mission Statement: Unity is the main idea behind the Americans United Again movement. We are about bringing people together to help find solutions for our country. One aspect of the movement is the idea of HOPE. The idea that each person [...]


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