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Dee, CJ, DJ Tsu

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3 Black guys reppin all black geeks everywhere!!!! We review the best Black movies, Action, Martial Arts, Anime/Manga, Comics, and everything that white people think black people aren't into.

Comic Book Corner - Hannibal Tabu Interview/Comic book roundup

CJ got the opportunity to interview Hannibal Tabu who is a writer for Comic Book Resources weekly review column The Buy Pile, Co-writer of "A Soldier's Story" in Watson and Holmes Vol. 2 from New Paradigm Studios, Frequent geek-related contributor to KFI 640 AM's Mr. Mo'Kelly Show, and Writer of two prose fantasy novellas for Stranger Comics (Waso: Will to Power and Waso: Gathering Wind).

Afterwards, Dee and CJ talk about the comic book news and books they read for the month. Fun times.

You can find more of Hannibal Tabu's content at http://hannibaltabu.com.

Twitter: Hannibal Tabu - @hannibaltabu

            Dee - @DeeTheBlackGeek

            CJ - @3BlackGeeks

Got questions and/or comments? Hit us up: http://www.3blackgeeks.com/contact/

GTA: San Andreas

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been a consistent and fun franchise. San Andreas was the third part of the GTA III era and was quite possibly the most ambitious game in the franchise by far. Spanning three big cities, a very evolved game system, and a story that was good in its own right, GTA San Andreas was just top to bottom excellence. Sit back as the guys get nostalgic on this game.

Got questions and/or comments? Hit us up here: http://www.3blackgeeks.com/contact/

Twitter: CJ - @3blackgeeks

            Dee - @DeeTheBlackGeek

            DJ Tsu - @BlkNerdJapan 

WrestleCorner - You On the Juice Uce????

Wherein Dee and CJ talk about the lineup for the Cruiserweight Classic, WWE Brand Split, NJPW, the recent controversy with Roman Reigns, Money In The Bank PPV fallout, and a dash of CM Punk news. Kick back and enjoy the show.

Shoot us your questions and/or comments here: http://www.3blackgeeks.com/contact/

Twitter: CJ - @3blackgeeks

            Dee - @DeeTheBlackGeek

Also check out our youtube page for Dee's various WrestleCorner v-logs: http://www.youtube.com/3blackgeeks

BAM- Family Problems/e3 2016

Part 1- We talk the Family curse that makes you wanna cry. Or at least watch Otacon cry endlessly


Part 2- We give a brief take on e3 (In other words just Sony. We shallow)

SNK....The Future is NOW!!!!

What can be said about SNK...A company that for years gave us classic games such as Metal Slug, KOF, Fatal Fury, Super Dodgeball, Art of Fighting, Neo Turk Masters, and so much more. The guys talk about the history of this great company and look back on the fond memories with the games.

Contact us: http://www.3blackgeeks.com/contact/

Twitter: CJ - @3blackgeeks

            Dee - @DeetheBlackGeeks

            DJ Tsu - BlkNerdJapan


Injustice Gods Among Us

DC comics has always dabbled in the elsewhere stories putting the heroes in different situations and seeing how they respond to it. Injustice Gods Among Us is no different. Add in the fact that its a fighting game and damn good one and you have the recipe for a very entertaining game pitting your fav DC heroes and villains against each other. So sit back and relax as the guys talk about this great game.

Awesome Con 2016- Roye Okupe/Naseed Gifted Interview

Indie comics are an amazing thing. More often than not you'll come across interesting characters and books that don't get the recognition compared to mainstream comics. CJ had the pleasure to interview two gentlemen who have indie comics( P.B. Soldier and E.X.O. The Legend of Wale Williams) that are pretty damn good. Sit back as these two guys break down their respective books.


E.X.O. The Legend of Wale Williams: youneekstudios.com

Awesome Con 2016- Paranormal Lockdown Interview

With the abundance of paranormal tv shows cropping up in droves, Dee and CJ sit down with Katrina and Nick of Paranormal Lockdown as they go into detail on what sets their show apart from the others. Fun interview and very insightful.


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