#LISTENUP – Sandra Bland

#LISTENUP-Sandra-BlandAs a black woman that lives in Texas, the Sandra Bland story has real personal meaning for me.  When BlackTwitter took up the hashtag #IfIDieinPoliceCustody, my heart broke over and over again.  The conversation about the abuse of police authority and the assault on black bodies has been a long-standing topic for POC podcasts.  Unfortunately, it looks it will continue.

POC Podcasts about Sandra Bland:

  • NWAP: Ep. 46: Sandra Bland and Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump
  • RedRock Podcast Network: The Shiznit Show-75 #SandraBland
  • The Sessho Podcast: Episode 30 – Swisher Sweet Icee
  • Three Guys On: Episode 486 – Complete Lack of Control
  • FriendsLikeUsSNL’s Sasheer Zamatta visits FriendsLikeUs
  • The Forbidden FruitThe Inexcusable Arrest and Death of Sandra Bland!
  • The Pennymon DoctrineEpisode #159 – #SandraBland … Outta This World…
  • Birds of a FeatherStuntin Like My Daddy
  • In The Conversation: Whoreshaming In The Massage Parlor
  • Another Round: Shot #2: Feminist vs Meninist
  • Lipstick On A Wine Glass: #9 From Here To P
  • Somethin’ In Common: For Sandra & Sam
  • Strange Fruit: Strange Fruit #129: News Round-Up with Marriage Equality Attorney Joe Dunman
  • The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast: 1003: Planet Earth
  • 2 Guys and a Girl: 2 Guys And A Girl | Sneaky Spiral Of Hate
  • Black Tea Party: Video Release on Sandra Bland, City of Detroit Cutting Off Water & More Political News | BHL’s Black Tea Party

Our stories must be told by us.

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