How Does listenopoly Work?

How Does listenopoly work

listenopoly is a podcatcher targeted at podcasts created by people of color.  It is curated to only show active podcasts  in order to help people find fresh content.

So how does it work?  It’s magic.  Well, that and the power of properly formatted RSS feeds.

There is no effort on your part:  It uses your RSS feed to display your podcast information and your last 8 podcasts.  That’s it.

As long as your feed meets the RSS 2.0 standards, it will display properly. iTunes RSS tags are used to assign categories to the podcasts, but are not required. Each podcast shows the title, image, author and description.  It also has links directly to your RSS feed and to your webpage.

You still get your download/subscriber numbers: The site links directly to your hosting provider so listens will still show up in your stats. At this point, there isn’t a way to subscribe so listeners can continue to use their preferred listening solution like Stitcher or iTunes.

Your feed is not manipulated:  I don’t upload and optimize it.  I don’t strip your existing advertising or add advertising to your feed. The links go directly back to the links included in your RSS feed.

It will take great content to make this a community where people continue to come to explore, listen and share your shows.  I’m looking forward to working with each of you to make this a community where POC podcasting thrives.

Right now, I’m reaching out to establish connections with POC podcasters.  If you are interested in submitting your podcast to listenopoly please go to the Submit Your Podcast tab to get started.

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