September Site Changes

What’s up listenopoly family!

I’ve been a little quiet over here but a sister has been busy.  Whew!  Now that things have calmed down on the home front, I’ve been working out a few kinks with the site.  People are finding listenopoly so YAY! but the bounce rate  from the homepage is way too high.  This means that people are not able to easily navigate to the podcasts.  I’ve made a couple of changes to the site to make it easier for people to explore, listen and share YOUR podcasts.   Drumroll please!

Site Changes

New and Improved Home Page
  • The home page of the website has a new header.  Since the site name isn’t focused exactly on diversity, I attempted to make it more clear that listenopoly is “your source for diverse voices in podcasting.”
  •  The home page has been optimized to show your podcast graphics by category.  Linking on a podcast graphic takes a visitor directly to your listenopoly page. Now new visitors can begin finding their new favorite podcasts immediately.
  • Recently submitted podcasts will be shown under “New to listenopoly” for three weeks.  No chasing downloads, no special algorithm, nothing needed but your submission.  Take that, take that iTunes.
Click to Listen

Visitors can immediately begin listening to your podcast episode by clicking on the  Listen-Button-300x300  right next to the podcast title.  This typically opens a new tab or window where the podcast begins playing.  Since it’s hitting your source server, it will count directly to your podcast downloads.  Note: If you host your podcast with Soundcloud, Podomatic, Spreaker or on your own server, it may download instead of playing.

Fall Back

Just a heads up: When daylight savings ends in November, I’ll be doing cleanup of podcasts that may have suffered pod-fade.  If you don’t have any new episodes since the end of May, your podcast will be delisted.  The archives are absolutely valuable, but I want to make it easier to find podcasts that active and growing.

What else?

If you have some feedback for me or some improvements for the site, please let me know by email or on Twitter at @listenopoly


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#LISTENUP – Straight Outta Compton


I haven’t gotten a chance to see this movie, so I’ll just have to live vicariously through those who did.  Get the real deal on the movie and the music from your favorite podcasters.

POC Podcasts about Straight Outta Compton:

Bonus – Dr. Dre’s DETOX album
  • Clock Radio SpeakersEpisode 192: Compton (Side B); Episode 192: Compton (Side A)
  • Hip-Hop Digest ShowHip-Hop Digest Show 364 – Straight Outta da Trap
  • Where’s My 40 Acres Podcast – WM40A: Ep.437 “11 Dollar Pampers wit The Receipts” #PliggaNeaseRadio
  • The Beat: Prince vs Record Labels, Dr. Dre Album ‘Compton’, & More Music News | BHL’s
    The Beat

Our stories must be told by us.

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#ListenUp – Brand New, Brand You


We have quite a few business and branding experts listed on listenopoly.  Have you checked them out lately?   If not, here are a few of the latest episodes that will help you focus on brand new, brand you.




Episodes about business and personal branding:

Is your podcast missing from the list?  No link to your content?  Submit Your Podcast to listenopoly and you’ll never be left out of the conversation.

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Word of Mouth: Quotes from Podcast Movement

So…Podcast Movement was awesome!  Seriously.  From the moment I walked through the door of the Omni hotel, I was blown away.  The organizers of Podcast Movement thought through every detail, down to the branded hotel key cards.  The conference was ran like clockwork, the vendors were extremely friendly and knowledgeable and the podcast community was open to meeting new people and forging new friendships.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The Quotes…Please

Now for me, the bells and whistles are nice, but the true quality measure of a conference is what actionable information can I take away and implement in order to get better.  For PM15, there was opportunity for the session presenters to be more crisp on their content selection so that it could have been comfortably delivered in their time slots and to frame it in ways that were actionable.  That being said, all of the presenters were subject matter experts so I still came home with an amazing amount of information.  For those who couldn’t make it to #PM15, here are some of the best quotes from Podcast Movement

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn, entrepreneur extraordinaire and host of the Smart Passive Income podcast was the Opening Keynote speaker.  After entertaining us with his beatbox skills, he delivered a talk that was very personal and powerful.  We all have a voice of resistance that tries to convince us that we aren’t good enough.  That fear is an indicator that we have to push past that voice with persistence and courage in order to succeed.

Roman Mars

You may have heard Roman Mars as the hypnotic voice of the 99% Invisible podcast.  I appreciated his very practical way of giving us the ingredients for a good podcast.  My key takeaway was that YOU are your first audience, so you should make something that you love.   You have to feel passionate about the thing you are creating so that you are able to feed the people that are tuning into your podcast.

Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler, the host of Girl on Guy, is funny and crazy and impressive and down-to-earth, all at once.  It’s pretty amazing to watch her command the stage, dropping knowledge and profanity at the same time. I’m particularly impressed that she personally grew her podcast from nothing and still manages every aspect of the podcast, from recording to editing and then posting the content herself.  She moved me by saying that being true to yourself is the best way to create something that will connect with others.

Katie Krimitsos

I wasn’t familiar with the Biz Women Rock brand, but Katie has converted me into a fan.  She gave a lot of great tips about creating and growing Facebook groups, but her overall message was really critical to podcasters. We can get so caught up in the stats and technical aspects of having a podcast as a business. Katie reminded me that the people, you know…those folks reading and listening to your content, are essential to your success.

John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas, the founder and host of EntrepreneurOnFire is pretty well known in the podcasting community as a success story.  But he shared his stories of having to switch up when things weren’t working.  We get so focused on the time and money that we spent on our “big idea” that we become too scared to make a pivot when that idea is not working out.  The failure is not in having to make a change.  The failure is when you can’t recognize that a change is needed.

What’s the point?

Even though each of the presenters were wildly different, a couple of main themes emerged from their talks.  Our job as content creators is to:
  • present our authentic selves to our audience
  • meet the needs of our listeners
  • push past the fear of change or failure in order to present our best work
Are you up for the challenge?
I want to thank Libsyn for this awesome opportunity to attend #PM15 and to the podcasting community for being so open with their knowledge.  A special shout out to Black Women Podcasters that I met throughout the conference and Michelle Talbert of #HerHustle for introducing me to a wonderful group of women entreprenuers.  I’ll see you all next year.
Which quote is your favorite?  If I missed it, what’s your favorite quote from the conference?
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#LISTENUP – Drake / Meek Mill Beef


You and your cousins have been acting up on the interwebs about this Drake/Meek Mill situation.  But apparently EVERYONE wanted to weigh in on the situation so here’s a quick roundup of podcasts talking about the Drake Meek Mill situation.

POC Podcasts talking about the Drake/Meek Mill Beef:

Is your podcast missing from the list?  No link to your content?  Submit Your Podcast to listenopoly and you’ll never be left out of the conversation.

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#LISTENUP – Sandra Bland

#LISTENUP-Sandra-BlandAs a black woman that lives in Texas, the Sandra Bland story has real personal meaning for me.  When BlackTwitter took up the hashtag #IfIDieinPoliceCustody, my heart broke over and over again.  The conversation about the abuse of police authority and the assault on black bodies has been a long-standing topic for POC podcasts.  Unfortunately, it looks it will continue.

POC Podcasts about Sandra Bland:

  • NWAP: Ep. 46: Sandra Bland and Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump
  • RedRock Podcast Network: The Shiznit Show-75 #SandraBland
  • The Sessho Podcast: Episode 30 – Swisher Sweet Icee
  • Three Guys On: Episode 486 – Complete Lack of Control
  • FriendsLikeUsSNL’s Sasheer Zamatta visits FriendsLikeUs
  • The Forbidden FruitThe Inexcusable Arrest and Death of Sandra Bland!
  • The Pennymon DoctrineEpisode #159 – #SandraBland … Outta This World…
  • Birds of a FeatherStuntin Like My Daddy
  • In The Conversation: Whoreshaming In The Massage Parlor
  • Another Round: Shot #2: Feminist vs Meninist
  • Lipstick On A Wine Glass: #9 From Here To P
  • Somethin’ In Common: For Sandra & Sam
  • Strange Fruit: Strange Fruit #129: News Round-Up with Marriage Equality Attorney Joe Dunman
  • The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast: 1003: Planet Earth
  • 2 Guys and a Girl: 2 Guys And A Girl | Sneaky Spiral Of Hate
  • Black Tea Party: Video Release on Sandra Bland, City of Detroit Cutting Off Water & More Political News | BHL’s Black Tea Party

Our stories must be told by us.

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Welcome to listenopoly


We’re live baby!  Take a look around and kick the tires.  Check out your favorite podcasts by people of color and find your new favorites.  The site will continue to grow so bookmark us and check back often.   Better yet, sign up for our newsletter and keep in touch with all things listenopoly.

Are we missing your podcast?  Submit your podcast and we’ll have your links up in a day or so.

I would love your feedback.  What’s do you like?  What’s missing?  What could be done better? Feel free to tweet me at @listenopoly or send an email to

Welcome to listenopoly.

Twitter: @listenopoly
Facebook: listenopoly


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What Will listenopoly Look Like?



So now you know what listenopoly is, and how listenopoly works.   But if I were you, I'd want to know how my podcast is going to look.   So here's a quick preview of what's coming in the listenopoly launch.  Ready to join us?  Go to the Submit Your Podcast page to get started.  

Still on the fence?  What's holding you back?  Tweet me at @listenopoly and let me know. 


The homepage just gets folks acclimated and ready to Explore, Listen and Share.  We will also have featured podcasts and a list of newly added shows. 


The Podcasts list will allow listeners to search for podcasts by various categories.  The categories are the same as the ones defined in iTunes. Selecting the podcast image will take you to the podcast detail page.


The podcast detail page will show the podcast title, image, description and author.  It will have a link to the RSS feed and to the website listed in the podcast feed.  The page will also show the last 8 podcasts.  Listeners can click on the expand button to read the details. The episode links go back to the your original content provider.

Like what you see?  Tweet about it, share us on Facebook! Check in with your favorite podcasts and let them know you would like to see them on listenopoly.


If you are a podcaster and are interested in submitting your podcast to listenopoly please go to the Submit Your Podcast page to get started.

How Does listenopoly Work?

How Does listenopoly work

listenopoly is a podcatcher targeted at podcasts created by people of color.  It is curated to only show active podcasts  in order to help people find fresh content.

So how does it work?  It’s magic.  Well, that and the power of properly formatted RSS feeds.

There is no effort on your part:  It uses your RSS feed to display your podcast information and your last 8 podcasts.  That’s it.

As long as your feed meets the RSS 2.0 standards, it will display properly. iTunes RSS tags are used to assign categories to the podcasts, but are not required. Each podcast shows the title, image, author and description.  It also has links directly to your RSS feed and to your webpage.

You still get your download/subscriber numbers: The site links directly to your hosting provider so listens will still show up in your stats. At this point, there isn’t a way to subscribe so listeners can continue to use their preferred listening solution like Stitcher or iTunes.

Your feed is not manipulated:  I don’t upload and optimize it.  I don’t strip your existing advertising or add advertising to your feed. The links go directly back to the links included in your RSS feed.

It will take great content to make this a community where people continue to come to explore, listen and share your shows.  I’m looking forward to working with each of you to make this a community where POC podcasting thrives.

Right now, I’m reaching out to establish connections with POC podcasters.  If you are interested in submitting your podcast to listenopoly please go to the Submit Your Podcast tab to get started.

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What is listenopoly?



listenopoly is a labor of love borne out of frustration.


Currently there are two ways to find podcasts created by people of color:  word of mouth and periodic “top ten/you should be listening/oh, wow, did you know people of color are podcasting” lists on various internet sites.  Those lists are needed because they are overdue media attention for our contributions to the podverse, but they often highlight the same shows.


Where’s the media plug for other POC-created podcasts with good content? How can I find people that look like me, talking about things that I’m interested in?
listenopoly is a podcatcher targeted at podcasts created by people of color.  It is curated to only show active podcasts  in order to help people find fresh content.


listenopoly is more than a list.  My vision is to make listenopoly a community where listeners and podcasters connect and help to expand the reach of our collective voices.


Interested?  Subscribe to the listenopoly newsletter and be notified of when the site goes live.
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